Progressive Lenses


Tired of always having to switch your glasses from distance to reading? Are you always chasing after your reading glasses because you left them in a different room? Progressive lenses could be the solution for you.

Progressive lenses have both the distance and reading prescription built into one lens. This means the wearer will be able to see clearly at all distances without having to switch glasses. By simply moving your head up or down the correct power of the lens will automatically be in front of your eye and you will be able to see clearly.

…but my friend fell and broke her nose when she tried progressives.

There are many reasons someone may not be able to wear progressive lenses. Maybe your friend was fit incorrectly; maybe she was never properly taught how to use progressive lenses. At Eyeglass House we make it a point to carefully take the accurate measurements, using the proper equipment not just a ruler and a marker. We also take the time to extensively teach our customers how to use their new progressive lenses.

There are actually hundreds of different brands and designs of progressive lenses available. If someone is fit with an older progressive lens design they may not adapt as quickly as a person who is wearing the newest technology in progressive lens designs. The newest digital progressive lenses virtually eliminate all peripheral distortion that is commonly associated with progressive lenses, greatly reducing the adaption time, and providing the sharpest vision possible.

Frame selection is also extremely important in order for the wearer to successfully adapt to progressive lenses. The New York State licensed opticians at Eyeglass House will always make sure that proper frame fit is achieved for easy adaption.