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Clip On Sunglasses

You'll Never Look At Clip On Sunglasses The Same Way Again.

Chemistrie Sun Lenses are click on magnetic sun lenses that preserve the style, comfort and performance of your original lenses and frames.

Once upon a time, clip-on sunglasses were the only alternative for lens wearers who wanted a simple way to change their primary pair of glasses into sunglasses. And for a time, traditional clip-on sun lenses did the best they could. Flip up styles were bulky and awkward-looking, over the frame snap-ons made eyewear heavier and often needed adjustment, spring mounted clip-ons used bulky, obvious fasteners.

But the old clip-on did what it was supposed to do: Change regular lenses into sun lenses without having to buy a second pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Chemistrie Sun Lenses Change Everything You Know About Magnetic Clip On Sunglasses
Now, for the first time ever, your primary pair of lenses can become a fashionable, stylish, high-performance pair of sunglasses-with the Chemistrie Lens Layering System.

Chemistrie Sun Lenses are the first "click-on" magnetic sun lens, a durable, polarized sunglass product that clicks on top of your existing lenses, snugly and seamlessly, using virtually invisible magnets built into your primary lenses.
The result is a click-on sun lens that doesn't look (or act) like a traditional clip-on at all; one that is practically invisible to anyone looking at you.

Features and Benefits

Say Goodbye To Bulky, Bendy, Ugly
Clip On Sunglasses.

And say hello to Chemistrie Magnetic Sunlenses: Eyewear that clicks!

Invented by a lifelong optician, Chemistrie Sunlenses change the way you look at traditional clip-on sunglasses by changing the way clip-ons work, plain and simple.

Chemistrie Magnetic Sunlenses click directly onto your existing lenses using virtually invisible built-in lens magnets. Think of this patent-pending magnetic lens layering system as a stylish lens accent that finally gives you magnetic clip-on (click on) sunlenses you’ll be proud to wear. Because almost no one can tell you’re wearing them!

Features and benefits of click on, clip on sunlenses.

Each Chemistrie Sunlenses product is custom-manufactured on an individual prescription basismeaning your click-on sunlenses fit your original frames and lenses perfectly: No gaps, no twists, and no bends. Your original stylish glasses can instantly become polarized sunlenses in a click.

Chemistrie Sunlenses are:

Stylish: Fit virtually any frame or lens seamlessly*

Cool: 8 classic tints and 8 mirrored tints to choose from

Cost-effective: Choose one or several click-on sunlenses for different lighting conditions

Comfortable: Lightweight, perfectly fitted, easy-on, easy-off

High-quality: 100% titanium nose bridges, permanently embedded spool magnets

Trendy: Never-before seen style, with 12 Swarovski crystal accents available

Healthy: Polarized sunlenses cut harmful glare and increase visual clarity

Convenient: Click on, click off sunlenses store in a slim case, purse or shirt pocket

Click’em on, click’em off, it really is that simpleall at a price that’s usually far lower than buying a second pair of prescription sunglasses.

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